Google Analytics FAQs

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a powerful tool that tracks users’ activity on your site, so you can learn how they use your site and make better choices to improve their experiences. By connecting your website with a Google Analytics account, you can collect and analyze data that helps you understand what is and isn’t working on your site.

How does Google Analytics collect data?

Google Analytics uses a small piece of Javascript tracking code to collect data about your website visitors and their interactions on your website. This tracking code is already set up and built into Finalsite's CMS.

Once it's setup, Google Analytics will drop a cookie in the user's browser for your website. It will help to track every interaction that user performs on your site.

How can I access Google Analytics? I don't know who controls it.

If you don’t know how to access your Google Analytics account, the first place to check is your site’s Site Information. From the top Site Administration toolbar, click the “Site Information” link under the “Modules & Settings” section. You can sometimes find the email address that is connected to the account there.

If you have a general marketing or communications email address, try logging in directly at Communicate with your team to make sure none of them have access to the account. Finalsite Support may also be able to tell you what email addresses have access to the account.

If you’re certain no one at your organization is able to access the Google Analytics account, you may need to contact Google Support in order to reclaim it. Select the appropriate response and follow the instructions from Google to complete this process.

How do I create an account?

If you don’t have a Google Analytics account, follow the instructions from Google to set up your account and create a property for your site.

Google Analytics is already connected to our site. How do I find our UA-ID?

There are several ways to find the UA-ID for your site.

  1. In Composer, the UA-ID is located in the Domain Settings under the SEO tab.

  2. In Page Manager, the UA-ID is located in Site Information, under “Site Administration” in the top toolbar.

  3. In Google Analytics, the UA-ID is located under “Property Settings” in the Admin section of the console.

  4. On the front end of your site, the UA-ID can be found by clicking “View Page Source” and searching for “UA-” using ctrl+F or command+F.

How do I populate the UA-ID in Domain Settings?

Follow the instructions in Set up Google Analytics on a Composer site to find your UA-ID and paste it into the Composer Domain Settings.

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