Use dynamic lists versus static subscriber lists

Once your workflow is activated, any members of the group(s) selected with the “Automatic” entry trigger will be subscribed immediately. If the workflow uses a “Static” entry trigger, or you would like to add additional constituents who aren’t in the automatic group(s), you can manually add them using the “+” icon that appears on the bottom-right corner of the entry trigger box.

Dynamic subscriptions were built around Group Manager. Group Manager was designed to easily compile and manage large lists of people, so you can leverage that functionality to build your list for Workflows, whether it’s creating dynamic filters or adding members directly from Constituent Manager.

Dynamic subscriber lists also make it easier to see and manage who’s in your workflow. You can get an overview and see subscriber activity on your workflow’s Activity and Stats tabs, but the best way to keep a full, updated list of subscribers is in Group Manager.

Finally, you can repurpose the groups you make in Group Manager, and even use them for other workflows. You may want to create an access-controlled page on your website for the same group of people who are subscribed to the workflow, for example, and you already have that group defined to add to the Page Settings in Composer.

You can also use a group for a static workflow trigger, which works well if you want to add everyone to the workflow at once and don’t need to update the membership. Or, you may find that a group is more than you need for a workflow where you just need to add a few subscribers, and in that case the constituent search is available to you.

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