Timed and delayed page pops overview

Finalsite introduced timed and delayed Page Pops as a part of the Inbound Marketing platform so you can craft pop-ups that enhance the user experience, rather than creating another unwanted hassle.

Timed and delayed Page Pops are an evolution of our current Page Pops that you can use to increase engagement across your website while directing site traffic to other pages or material across your school’s website.

Timed and delayed Page Pops include all the same options as Page Pops, with the added ability to delay a notification until a visitor has spent at least 7 seconds on a page (up to 60 seconds), or delay the notification until the user has scrolled 50 percent of the way down the page.

With timed and delayed Page Pops, you can avoid a disruptive user experience by delaying pop-ups until you’re sure a visitor is interested in your website content. We can safely gauge a visitor’s interest in the content they’re viewing by measuring the amount of time they’ve spent on a page or how far down the scroll once on that page.

Timed and delayed Page Pops can also be used for preventing unintended disconnects, or mismatched content. For example, if the bottom half of your school’s homepage is equally divided into grade levels with a few quick informational blurbs about each, you could use Timed Page Pops to ask a visitor to subscribe to the weekly “fifth grade newsletter” once they have scrolled halfway down the page. If formatted correctly, the pop-up will only appear once the visitor arrives at the fifth grade section of that page.

Leveraging timed and delayed page pops is a great way to enhance the user experience by adding value that wasn't there before.

See our article on using timed and delayed Page Pops for more information about implementing this feature. Are you interested in adding timed and delayed Page Pops to your site? Check in with your Client Success Manager for more details.

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