Best practices: Timed Page Pops for advancement

A powerful example of using notifications for donations is providing links to how donations in the past have positively impacted the school and students. Asking for parents and extended family or alumni to donate can be tricky for any school. After all, you’re asking your constituents to spend even more money on top of the tuition.

Showing potential donors that their donations matter by using a Page Pop on the Give Now page that links to another page with examples of how donations have been used could be that extra bit of motivation to turn that potential donor into an actual donor.

Show them how donations have helped teachers improve their lessons by bringing new technology into the classroom. Show them stories of coaches that have improved the sports programs through better equipment for the students. And show them examples of new programs or equipment that the school has added that were only possible through donations from constituents like them.

Make sure to add a timed Page Pop to the donation examples page that links back to the Give Now page. Don't let potential donors to leave that donation page without a quick and easy way to get back.

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