Mobile app: Frequently asked questions

What’s included?

Does the app have push notifications/mobile notifications?

Yes, those push notifications will be sent from Messages. Check out our article Push notifications in the mobile app to learn more.

Are analytics included?

We are actively looking into how we can include analytics of the app. While they are not offered with the current release, it is something that is on our roadmap.

Is the LMS included in the app?

The LMS is not included in the app itself. An additional link can be added to point to your login page and have users access the LMS. We are considering a single sign-on in the future, but there is no specific date set for that feature.

Can I access the CMS or modules to edit content via the app?

Not currently. All of the editing of content will be done in Composer, and then those changes will be reflected in the app.

Are there training materials for parents?

Our training materials are focused on the general app setup and admin usage. Most times, documentation about using the app is best provided by the school so that any information provided reflects the way the school has chosen to design it.

App setup

Where are the settings for the app controlled?

The settings for the app are controlled from a central control panel in Composer. It is listed in the module menu as “Mobile Apps.”

Is it possible to customize the navigation buttons?

Yes! You can customize the buttons in the navigation from the Mobile Apps module on the Composer side of the software. 

Change the name, icon, and other details by clicking on the edit pencil next to the button on the Content Settings menu. Drag and drop to customize the order in which the buttons appear. The first three buttons appear in the bottom navigation, and any others will be in the app’s “More” menu.

Can we change the name of the app that appears below the icon on a user’s device?

This is known as the app’s “display name,” and it can be changed. Because of limited space, this name should be 12 to 14 characters maximum. If more characters are used, any spaces in the name are first removed, then an ellipsis is added for the overflow.

Where does the “secondary color” show up on the app?

The secondary color is used for the active button color in the tab bar and as the background color for filter checkboxes.

Can we filter a board by tags or categories?

At this time, it is not possible to filter a board by tags or categories.

How do we control the order of posts on the app?

Posts on the app are presented chronologically by default. On the home screen, you can customize the four posts that appear and their order by using a Posts collection.

Why aren’t my calendars showing up on the app?

Whether a calendar can be made available in the app is controlled on the Mobile App control panel, but also in the Calendar Settings in Calendar Manager. To set calendar availability and constituent privacy settings, click on the edit pencil next to the calendar and adjust the “LMS/AppAvailability” radio buttons.

How can I see the number of app downloads?

Please contact Support and request an account to view your app's download stats.

App deployment

Is it possible to test the app before it is made available on the App Store/Google Play Store?

Yes. Up to five users can test the iOS app while it is being developed using the app Testflight. With this app, you can see most changes to the app settings instantly. Unfortunately, there is not currently a way to test the Android version of the app prior to submission.

Is our design “locked” once it is submitted?

While many elements of the design can be changed, you want to be cautious of doing so after launch. Screenshots of the app for the stores are taken while the app is being processed, and those should reflect the app that users download. Although making changes to the header logo or colors can be done at any time, it should usually be finalized before the app is approved for submission.

How long does it take for the App Store/Google Play Store to respond after submitting the app?

The Apple App Store typically approves app in around 1 to 3 business days, but it can be longer based on volume or holiday schedules. The Google Play Store approval process usually takes about 7 days.

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