Best practices: Timed Page Pops for marketing

School marketers can use timed Page Pops to promote fundraisers on donation pages; open houses on application pages; movie nights and field days on event pages; alumni retreats on the alumni homepage; and unique events that aren’t a part of the regular school year schedule, such as special guest speakers and award celebrations.

Don’t be afraid to use your school’s homepage to promote events that are important enough to warrant that prominent placement. Have a now-famous alumna returning to speak at the school for a one-day special presentation? Use your homepage to make sure the most people register to attend.

Schools can use timed Page Pops to offer a better user experience through valuable content offers. For example, you could offer a free ebook download for people that visit your school’s summer camp page to provide a quick and easy way to learn more about your many summer camp programs and activities.

We know that the visitor is clearly interested in the content of that summer camp page if they stay on the page for more than 30 seconds. They are also likely interested in learning more if they are offered a more engaging user experience.

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