Best practices: Timed Page Pops for communications

Having the most up-to-date information for your constituents is crucially important for any school. Use timed Page Pops to deliver important information, such as school delays, weather updates, and event schedules to constituents--without immediately interrupting their user experience.

It might be tempting to have these notifications appear as soon as the page loads, but immediately encountering a pop-up, even with important information, can still ruin an otherwise enjoyable browsing experience. Instead, keep the delays to a short 7 to 10 seconds. That way, visitors have a brief moment to scan the page before the notification appears.

Timed Page Pops can also be used in portals to send information to constituents that isn’t suitable for the public website. Just as on the public website, don't present users with an immediate notification every time they visit a new page. However, you know these parents and students are already interested in the content and engaged with the school, so you can keep the delays short at 7 or 10 seconds.

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