Mobile app custom links

Custom links are a great way to provide your users with convenient access to content that is not integrated into the app and can be accessed via URLs, such as:

  • Pages on your responsive website with signup or payment forms

  • Links to your school’s or district’s social media pages

  • Links to third-party service providers, such as school accounts, lunch vendors, or LMS

  • Links to your school’s SIS, where they can provide an optimal experience for your users based on how their platform is set up

External links usually open up in the device’s browser, but some links may open inside another app, if the user has the app installed and the service supports it. For example, opens Finalsite’s page in the Instagram app, if the app is installed on your phone.

To set up a custom link to a webpage, click the "Add Custom Link" option in the Mobile Apps settings screen. Choose the label, URL, and menu icon for the link.

Drag and drop to rearrange the links. Custom links may be included as one of the three icons that appear in the app's bottom navigation. All other custom links will appear in the app's More menu.

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