Mobile app Events screen

The Events tab displays separate event content from the Home screen. On the Events tab, users can filter out the calendars selected to see only the events most relevant to their interests.

Even so, you still want to consider which calendars you pull into the app, so as not to overwhelm users with the number of calendars they can choose from. Districts, for example, may want to choose a few district-wide calendars, rather than every school’s calendar.

Calendars are color-coded according to the key color applied to that calendar’s settings in Calendar Manager. Be sure to pick distinct colors for each calendar, using similar colors where it makes sense. Don’t create a system that is too complicated for users to easily grasp.

Note: In order for calendars to be displayed in the app, the LMS/App Availability setting must be enabled. Ensure that the radio button is set to Public or specific roles are selected on the Calendar Settings screen in Calendar Manager.

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