Push notifications in the mobile app

Finalsite's dual-platform mobile app comes with the capability to send push messages to your app users, if they sign up for it. Sending a push notification is handled through Messages. This article outlines the steps needed to set up a mobile notification list, have users subscribe, and send messages to those users.

Step 1: Create a list

Creating a list for app notifications is just like creating a mailing list for emails, with the addition of the "Allow Mobile Notifications" checkbox.

Allow Mobile Notifications checkbox highlighted on List Settings popup

This checkbox makes the list show up on the Notifications area of the mobile app.

Note: On the “Privacy” tab of the “New List” window, be sure to change permissions to “Everyone” or “Constituents Only,” as appropriate. Users will need to have the ability to sign up for this list.

Your list can also be used as a regular email mailing list, simplifying your communications to those who would prefer emails or app notification alerts.

Step 2: App users sign up for list

Once the list has been created with the "Allow Mobile Notifications" option selected, it appears in the Notifications area of the mobile app. This is accessible via the More screen.

Notifications link highlighted on Mobile App More menu

Note: The Notifications link in the app only appears when you have have at least one mailing list with Mobile Notifications enabled. 

Users can enable the toggle next to any list from which they would like to receive notifications. The first time they select to receive notifications, they will receive a system message confirming this choice. 

Notification Settings screen detail with subscription toggle on

Notifications for their selected lists will appear on the Notifications screen. Once they have signed up for notifications, they can manage their subscription settings using the gear icon on the Notifications screen or in the Settings section of their device. 

Settings icon highlighted on Mobile App Notifications screen

Step 3: Send to list

The number of mobile subscribers is available underneath the name of the mailing list, as well as on the Message Details screen before you send a message. No further details are available about these subscribers.

To send a mobile notification, simply create a new message.

Whether or not you have email subscribers on your list, it is required to set a subject and select a message template for your message. If you do have email subscribers, you can take this opportunity to set up a message with the same information as the mobile alert for those subscribers.

Save the email message and proceed to the Message Details screen. On the "Mobile Apps" tab, select the toggle for “Mobile App Details,” then enter an optional subject and body content for the alert. Take note of the character count above the text editor -- messages longer than 160 characters may be truncated in the notification window.
Mobile Apps tab of Message Details screen with Mobile App Details toggle turned on

Select the mobile notification list(s) you wish to send the message to, then select a reply-to address for the email message. At this point, you may schedule your send, either to send immediately or at a designated time in the future.

Recipients will see the message as a notification on their device, and tapping it will take them to the Notifications section of the Mobile App. A log of messages sent to the list will be available from this screen.

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