Workflows admin permissions

In this article, we’ll describe the process for granting admin permissions within Workflows.

The Workflows module is available to any admin user groups who have “Composer” permissions checked off in Admin Users. 

Note: In order to create message templates to be used in Workflows, it is also necessary to grant “Workflow Messages” permissions within the Messages module.

Module permissions

To access module permissions, click the gear icon in the top-right corner of the Workflows dashboard. For each admin group, choose the appropriate level of permissions for each area from the dropdown menu.

  • Workflows: Options are “Admin,” “View,” and “Not Allowed.” If access is “Not Allowed,” Workflows will not be visible in the Modules menu. “View” access allows Workflows to be seen, but permissions have to be assigned to specific workflows for these users, as detailed below. “Admin” provides full access to all workflows.

  • Permissions: Options are “Admin” and “Not Allowed.” If “Not Allowed,” users will not be able to see the Settings gear icon.

Workflow permissions

To assign permission for a specific workflow to admins who have “View” rights to Workflows above, select the gear icon at the top right of the workflow screen. Search for a specific user or click “Select Group” and choose a group. Then select the level of access from the dropdown menu. 

  • Admin: Users with this level of access can view and edit the workflow, including adding subscribers and setting the workflow to active.

  • View: Users with this level of access can only view the workflow, including the stats and activity tabs, but cannot make any changes, add subscribers, or change the status of the workflow.

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