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Assigning permissions for most modules to admin users starts in Admin Users module which can be found in the people icon. Each admin group has a specific set of permissions designated by checkboxes. This article walks through the four-step process to assigning permissions in the modules. 

Step 1: Configure Admin Users module checkboxes

Check the boxes to grant access to a selected admin user group. For a more in-depth description of the boxes below, check out the article, "Manage people in the Admin Users module."

admin users boxes .png

Step 2: Consider setting (Admin) levels

Some modules are listed twice and labeled (Admin). This means they have an “admin” level and a standard level of access.

snapshot of the (Admin) piece.png

If you choose the standard checkboxes for these modules, you’ll need to assign granular permissions through each module, which you can find in the list of articles below. 

Step 3: Check Composer checkbox for newer modules

Newer modules, accessed through Composer, require the Composer checkbox to be selected and permissions to be granted within the module itself. 

composer checkbox.png

Step 4: Follow module permission settings articles

For newer modules, permissions are set directly in the module itself. Click the links below to access the process for setting module permissions:

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