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Sometimes, it is helpful to be able to add a banner to your homepage to communicate an important or crucial moment in the life of your district or school. This article outlines two options for communicating important information to your constituents. If you require assistance with either task, please contact Support.

Display a Page Pop

In the immediate term, Page Pops is an available software feature that would allow you to display your information on the homepage and link from there to a more centralized location page or hub.

The benefit of a Page Pop is that end users need to interact with the pop before doing anything else on the page, as the background is grayed out. The Page Pop will also show consistently across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

Prepare the code for a full-width page banner

You may want to add a full-width banner to your homepage. Here are the instructions for preparing the code to then customize and insert onto your site. 


The text file attached to this article includes a snippet of code that you can copy and paste into your site's theme/layout. After you update the background, text, and link colors as you see fit, you can also update the link to point to a specific page.

Paste the code into your theme, click save, and the banner will be added to all pages where that theme is applied.

Note: this uses the same code as a COVID banner you may already have, and they may not display properly together. Also, if your site features a sticky or fixed header, the banner may not display properly. Please submit a Support request to allow our team to investigate.

Customize and add your banner

Use the following instructions to add a customized version of this banner to your Composer site.

  1. Download the example banner (attached below).

  2. Update the sections highlighted in the following image.


    • Update header: Modify the bolded covidText content between the double quotes.

    • Update link: Modify the bolded covidLink content between the double quotes.

  3. Copy the entire snippet.

  4. Go to the Themes section of your Composer navigation, and click on the theme for your site.

  5. Paste the snippet in the External Assets box. You may need to expand the box by dragging the handle in the bottom-right corner.


  6. Click Update in the bottom-right corner of the screen.

  7. If you have more than one theme applied to pages on your site, such as an athletics theme, repeat steps 4–6 for any additional themes.

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