Live Streaming element

The Live Streaming element is used to display streaming content made available through Finalsite’s partnership with LocalLive. If you have contracted with LocalLive and completed the setup process, you can add your School ID and Event IDs obtained from your LocalLive interface to configure the element settings. For more information about how to get LocalLive for your organization, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

The Live Streaming element has two formats: List and Single. The best practice for setting up a page is to use two Live Streaming elements, one in each format, with the List linked to the Single element. This way, you can choose a recent or popular event to display by default in the Single element, then users can select other events they are interested in from the List and they will display in the Single element. Alternatively, you can configure the List element to open events in a popup.

Element settings

In addition to the common element settings, the Live Streaming element includes the following configuration options.

List format

  • School ID: Enter your school’s ID from LocalLive, which you can find at the end of the URL on your school’s page on LocalLive’s website.

  • Athletic Events/School Events: Toggle whether you would like the element to show athletic events or other school events. 


  • All/Upcoming/Archived: Select the appropriate toggle button, depending on whether you want to show upcoming events, past events (archived), or both (all).

Link To

  • Popup/Element: Decide whether you want the streaming event to appear in a popup, or in another Live Streaming element with the Single format selected. 

Single format

  • Event ID: To display an event by default, enter the ID number of a specific event. This eventID can be found at the end of the URL on the event’s page on LocalLive’s website.
  • Athletic Events/School Events: Select whether the event to be displayed in the element is an athletic event or a school event. These must match or the event will not display. (This does not affect events dynamically selected for the element.)

Event Details

Use the checkboxes to choose which details about the event to display above the video, including: Event Title, Event Start Date, Event Start Time, Event End Date, and Event End Time. 

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