Live Streaming element

The Live Streaming element is used to display streaming content made available through Finalsite’s partnership with LocalLive. For more information about how to get LocalLive for your organization, please contact your Client Success Manager.

The Live Streaming element has two formats, List and Single, used to display games and events. There is also a  Live Streaming Tools element to filter a list of games.


The Single element format can be set to display a specific game or event, using the eventID provided on your page on 


The List element format displays a list of games or events based on filters you set in the element. This includes the ability to display games or events within a range of dates, as well as the ability to filter athletic games by Level, Gender, and Sport.

Each game or event in a List element can be opened in one of two ways: in a pop-up or in a Live Streaming element in the Single format that exists on the same page.

Protected events

When you work with LocalLive to create your games and events, you are given the option to set a passkey phrase. This passkey phrase must be entered by anyone attempting to view the event. Visitors who want to view a passkey-protected event on your website will be prompted to enter the passkey when the player opens. This can be used to provide additional protection over who can view your games and events.

Note: The LocalLive passkeys that you can use to protect an event have no association with password-protected Composer pages. Users who access a password-protected Composer page will still be required to enter the game/event’s passkey in order to watch the video on that page.

Element settings

In addition to the common element settings, the Live Streaming element includes the following configuration options.

List format

  • Athletic Events/School Events: Toggle whether you would like the element to show athletic events or other school events. 

Athletic Events Filters

  • Sport/Gender/Level: Select a Sport, Gender and/or Level in the dropdowns to filter the list of games that will be displayed. These filters can be combined to filter specific teams. For example, you can combine Soccer, Women, and Varsity to display only the Varsity Women Soccer team’s games.


  • The formatting section contains the standard controls to choose how each event’s date/time will be presented in the list of events.

Content Filters

  • This section allows you to determine the range of games/events you would like to display in the list. You can choose to display games/events from a specific date range, day range, in the current month, or in the current week. You also have the option to display games/events in ascending or descending order.

Link To

  • Popup/Element: Decide whether you want the streaming event to appear in a popup or in another Live Streaming element with the Single format selected.

Single format

Event ID

  • To display an event by default, enter the ID number of a specific event. This eventID can be found at the end of the URL on the event’s page on LocalLive’s website.

Event Details

  • Use the checkboxes to choose which details about the event to display above the video, including: Event Title, Event Start Date, Event Start Time, Event End Date, and Event End Time. 


  • The formatting section contains the standard controls to choose how each event’s date/time will be presented  in the list of events.
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