Commerce Setup Information Screenshots

In this article, you will find screenshots that are referenced on the Setup Information tab of the Commerce Datasheet.

Newsletter opt-in message

This message allows your users to sign up to receive emails from you regarding your store. This may be sales, specials, and so on. You can change the wording below the checkbox.

Newsletters Opt In Screenshot

Payment option instructions

There are different ways for users to purchase items from your store. If you'd like to include information for the user about each payment option you enable, you can customize what appears below each item. Note: The Secure Card information is not editable, but you can include a message to the user in addition to the card information.

Payment Options Screenshot

Shopping Cart, Shipping, Payment, and Thank You page content

You can add additional information to each of these pages, as well. On each page, the content you can edit is in the highlighted box.

Shopping Cart content

 Shopping Cart Page Content Screenshot 

Shipping Page content

Shipping Page Content Screenshot

Payment Page content

Payment Page Content Screenshot

Thank You Page Content

Thank You Page Content Screenshot

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