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Admin users who have rights to publish Composer pages also have the ability to unpublish pages, removing the page and any sub-pages from the public-facing side of the website. Unpublishing will present the user with a 404 error on these pages, but the page content will remain in Composer.

Deleted pages can only be restored up to a year after they've been deleted. Therefore, unpublishing is the best option when a page may need to be re-used in the future. 

To unpublish a page, open the three-dot "More Actions" menu and select the circle backslash symbol. 

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The "Unpublish Page" window will appear with some reminders:

  • Visitors will receive a 404 error when navigating to this page.
  • There may be sub-pages beneath the page that will also be unpublished when you take action.
  • You'll check boxes to confirm your understanding

Add an optional comment in the window that pops up (so you remember why you made this page disappear) and select "Unpublish."  

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The status icon at the lower-right corner of the pages will now be yellow, for "unpublished."

Markup on 2023-08-17 at 11:51:59.png

In addition, the yellow status bar will be shown along the left side of the page tree.

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Note: Admin users with publish rights to a parent page but not its child pages will not be able to unpublish the parent page.

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