Notice: New Admin Login Page

Important Notice: Our admin login page will be changing, delivering you to a stylish new login page. We'll be rolling this out on a staggered basis to all sites, so keep an eye out and don't hesitate to contact Support with any questions.

Rest assured, you're still in the right place and all the functionality remains the same!


How do I get to the new login page? 

Our system will automatically redirect you from the legacy login page to the new login page. Your username and password remain the same. 

What does the new login page look like?

The new login page will look like the image below, with the login on the left and exciting Finalsite news and updates delivered to you on the right.


How can I confirm the login page is being delivered by Finalsite and is secure?

You can confirm the URL in your browser address bar to ensure you’re loading the login page at your website’s domain. You'll see the secure icon in your browser and a valid certificate in place as shown below in Chrome. Clicking on the certificate will allow you to confirm it as being associated with your site’s domain.


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