Working with Site Admin Users

Do you have a new site admin user that needs to be added? This article will guide you through the necessary steps and what to consider when adding new admins for your site.

  1. What Admin group will they belong to? Remember, you can have as many groups as you want, but each admin user can only be in one group. Follow instructions in this article to learn how to add new admin groups.
  2. Once you've decided on the admin group, add the new user to the group. New users are added through Constituent Manager. Follow the instructions in this article to learn how to add a new user.
  3. If a new group was added and if that group has rights to Composer, they will need permissions defined in Composer.
  4. If you are a district, or are managing users across multiple sites, you will want to assign admin users groups to a specific location

There may be additional modules within Composer that need to have permissions defined for the new group. Check these articles out for a refresher on how to define permissions for each.

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