Download content from LMS group spaces

Admins of group spaces can download and archive information from the following:


Calendar events can be exported to iCal or to a file in one of the following formats: XML, CSV, MS Excel (Raw), MS Excel (Formatted), based on a defined date range. To export, click on Calendar Tools and select "Export iCal/RSS Feed" or "Export To File," as applicable.

Calendar Tools button highlighted along with Export iCal/RSS Feed and Export To File links


Please refer to the Knowledge Base article on how to download information from Resources.


Open Media Manager and preview the media to be downloaded, then click the "Download" option on the popup window.

Download link highlighted on Media Manager preview window

Blogs, Discussions, Bulletins

To preserve information from these sections, copy and paste the content and any comments to keep into a word-processor document.


Please refer to the Knowledge Base article on how to download Quizzes.


Download the dropbox assignment using the "Download" icon next to that assignment in the table.

Download icons highlighted on dropbox assignment table

Download individual submissions by clicking into the dropbox assignment and selecting "download all submissions."

Download all submissions link highlighted on assignment submissions view

Tip: Make sure the dropbox filter is set to "All" to include current and archived dropbox assignments.

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