Forms and Forms Manager compared

The new Forms module is a worthy successor to Forms Manager. Our developers created it with the intentions to keep (and improve!) the features you love as well as deliver a streamlined experience for admins and users alike. We also wanted to bring you the core functionality as soon as it was ready, while continuing to research and develop certain other features to make sure we get them right.

For both these reasons, there are differences between the two modules, which are outlined in the table below.

Feature Forms Forms Manager
What's improved?
Prefill fields  
Character limits on fields
Set minimum and maximum limits with option to display remaining characters
Field validation  
Default value
Now "Placeholder Text"
Field validation
Simplified choices
Radio buttons Now "Single Choice"
Now "Multiple Choice" with option to set the maximum allowed choices
Dropdown menus  
Currency field
Set price ranges
Define accepted date range and days of the week
File upload
Accept files of up to 20 MB each; 5 files can be uploaded per field
Conditional fields  
Notification emails to admins and submitters
Send emails to specific addresses if defined conditions are met
Display a message after form completion
Display a message and keep users on the same page without reloading the blank form
Redirect users to a site page after form completion  
Customize notification emails
Customize the email template with your organization's branding
Share forms with a direct link Create a form landing page to use with all forms
Filter submissions  
Export submissions  
Process payments
Make payments on the same screen as the form
Layout elements
Now "Content"
Choose to always or never display per form
Form folders  
Organize forms and set admin permissions per folder
Where used   Find pages and banners where end users may see each of your forms
Registration elements (Forms Plus)
Recurring payments
Admin-only fields
Alternate result    
Insert choices from spreadsheet or list library
Page breaks    

Learn more about the best use cases for each module and get answers to other form-related questions in the article Frequently asked questions: Forms vs. Forms Manager.

If your favorite feature from Forms Manager hasn't been included in Forms yet, you can communicate directly with our Forms development team by submitting a new idea, or voting and commenting on an existing one, through the Finalsite Ideas portal in Composer.

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