Set a form landing page

When you're ready to have users fill out a form, you can put a Forms element on any Composer page or banner and select that form to display. To save time and avoid creating a new page for every form, you may want to share the direct URL instead.

Setting a form landing page allows your site's styling to be applied to the form whenever you share the direct URL with others.

Note: Even if you have more than one domain, the form will always use the landing page for the first domain. Complete the following steps in whatever domain appears first on the Pages view in Composer. As with the transactional template for your forms in Messages, use branding that would be applicable for any of your organization's forms.

Create a form page

First, you'll need to create a generic form page in Composer. We recommend putting it in the Utility branch of your site. The Utility branch is a convenient home for lots of pages that don't need to be in your navigation, such as your 404 page and your login page.

  1. Create a new top-level page in the branch, then add your site's theme and banners to the page using the Page Layout and Appearance menu. 

  2. Remove the default Content element from the page, and add a Forms element. 

  3. Open the Forms element settings, and select the “Override Page Title and SEO metadata” checkbox. You don't need to select a form, as it will dynamically display based on the form's direct URL.
  4. Publish the page.

Configure the landing page

Once your form page is ready, you can set it as the landing page in Domain Settings.

  1. Navigate to your site's domain settings by clicking on the three-dot More Actions menu next to your domain name.

  2. Go to the Landing Pages tab.

  3. Locate the Form Page option and click Select Page to choose your form page.

  4. Click Apply to save the changes.


Test the page

Give it a try! Go to the Forms module and open a form. Click the share icon, then click the preview icon. Your form will display nicely with your site's styling on the form landing page.

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