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Can I use YouTube or Vimeo for my hero video?

The hero video(s) on your Composer website are usually coded to work with videos from Resources, our internal file management and video hosting module. These videos are optimized to display at the best size for various screens, and there are other features that make it the best choice for hero videos. 

If your hero video is already in YouTube, you may be able to add it to Resources as an external YouTube video resource. You can then take advantage of many of the features in Resources without needing to upload it again.

In other locations, you can use the YouTube element and the Vimeo element to display videos hosted on these platforms.

Does the search tool provide results from all of my school sites?

Unfortunately, Composer's search function only covers an individual sub-domain. For more information about the results a Composer search includes, refer to What does "Search" search?

What accessibility tools are available with my Composer website?

Composer websites are designed to be fully compliant with accessibility standards, and various tools are available to keep your site accessible as it is updated. We also have a partnership with AudioEye to offer accessibility reporting, scanning, and remediation. Check out our selection of accessibility articles to learn more.

For accessibility reporting without the AudioEye add-on, we recommend creating a form in the Forms module for users to offer feedback on any issues with your site.

How do I facilitate reporting of harassment, intimidation, and bullying (HIB)?

HIB reporting is not currently integrated into the Composer platform; however, you can easily create a form to collect these kinds of reports and act on the information provided. 

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