Admin users workbook

Creating admin user groups can be overwhelming. The Admin users workbook was designed to demystify the process.

After you download and open the file, create a worksheet for each admin group you wish to create. Copy one of the worksheets we've provided for you and complete the following steps for each group.

  1. Change the group name. You may also want to change the worksheet name.

  2. Add the name and email address of anyone you want to be in the group in the pink "Group Members" box. Add as many as you want, even if they don't fit in the box.

  3. Use the checkboxes in the green "Group Rights" box to decide what level of rights to give this group for each area of the Finalsite platform, if any. "Limited" means that additional rights will have to be configured manually in that module.

Now you have a handy guide to refer to as you set up the admin users on your website.

Note: Remember that each user can only be in ONE admin group.

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