What's new with the Message Details screen

Messages is getting a makeover! In anticipation of new features that will be added to the module in 2022, we're implementing some changes to the Message Details interface to improve the experience and give us more room to grow. This article provides an overview of the changes you'll see. Follow the Software Update blog to keep up with the newest features as we release them.

Hello, tabs!

close-up of Message Details screen showing tabs for Email and Mobile Apps

As we prepare to introduce more delivery methods to Messages, it's important for us to give you a way to easily see what you're working on. Right now, you'll see a tab for Email and a tab for Mobile Apps (to send push notifications to your app users). You can expect to find more tabs there in the future.

Updated message type terminology

close-up of Message Details screen showing Promotional and Administrative tabs

To help clarify when to send which type of message, we have updated their names from "Marketing" and "Operational" to "Promotional" and "Administrative," respectively. However, the functionality and purpose of each remains the same! 

Simplified mailing list selection

close-up of Message Details screen showing list dropdown selector

We've also changed how you'll select which mailing list(s) to send to, converting the full popup menu to a streamlined multi-select dropdown. As you add each list to your message, the estimated number of recipients for each delivery method will updated on the tabs, as well.

Inbox Preview

close-up of Message Details screen showing inbox preview section

While you've always been able to preview your subject line and the content of your message, it was difficult to know exactly what recipients would first see in their inbox. The new "Inbox Preview" will show you how the subject, from label, and reply-to emails will appear.

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