How to make a button in Composer

Creating a button in Composer is as simple as creating a link. 


  1. Add a Content element to your page or edit an existing Content element.

  2. Type your button language into the editor.

  3. Optional: If you are making a Callout button with a title and caption text, italicize the text you wish to be the caption text. (You can refer to your Style Guide for more information about Callout buttons.)

  4. Highlight all of the text and add a link using the Link menu.

  5. In the Link settings add the desired button styling using the "Class" dropdown.

  6. Save the Link settings and save the Content element.

  7. Publish the page.

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  • How can you make a list of buttons all the same size?

  • Hello Colton! Making a list of buttons in all the same size depends upon the button class styles that come along with your theme as referenced in your Style Guide. A few pro-tips that might help you make your buttons more uniform-sized are:
    1) be creative with Layout Elements to create a smaller space in which to lay out your buttons together
    2) choose the "button-expand" class (if included in your options) to expand buttons from edge to edge of a certain space
    3) use similar character limits as you plan the labels for your buttons.


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