Using tables

The Table feature within the editor comes with many built-in customization options, which allow you to make a table that fits the data you are presenting. Access these options by right-clicking on the table.

  • Table Properties can be used to adjust table size, header location, alignment, and more.

    Table Properties button

  • Cell > Cell Properties can be used to adjust colors, split/merge cells, and more.

    Cell Properties button

Note: Every site has its own custom table styling, found in the Styles dropdown. This styling can be added within the Table Properties window.

Responsive tables

Tables can be a great way to organize a small amount of data (~2 columns). However, tables with a large amount of data (3+ columns) are not recommended, as they will not translate well on mobile devices. This is because HTML tables, by nature, are not responsive.

Tip: Do you have a small (~2 column) table that is getting cut off on mobile? You can make it responsive by changing the width in Table Properties to 100%.

Table alternatives

For larger amounts of data, it is a best practice to use a combination of layout elements or other modules to achieve a similar content structure that remains responsive across all user devices.

Please visit our Finalsite Support blog post for examples: Extreme Site Makeover: Tables Edition.

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