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While most element types have their own dedicated settings, all Composer elements share some common settings, as well. The Share, Title, and Design settings are common to all element types.

Element settings can be found by hovering over an element and clicking the “gear” icon that appears at the upper-right corner.

Shared elements

Enable the "Share" toggle to allow this customized element to be reused later on other site pages or banners. Any content you've added to this element will be preserved whenever it's used later. See Shared elements for more details.


Set a name for this element. The toggle switch to the right of the title controls whether the element name is hidden or displayed above the element when it's viewed on a page or banner.

Design controls

Click on "+ Design" to view and edit these controls. Note that, in most cases, it's not necessary to adjust these options.

Custom Class

If your theme’s CSS file includes a class style declaration that you want to apply to this element, add the class selector here.

Background Image

Browse for an image in File Manager or Resources to display behind the element.

Header Content

Elements can include their own headers, displayed above the element content.

Note: This isn't a “header” like a banner that you'd apply to a page, but rather a separate content area above the main content section of the element.

Footer Content

Likewise, elements can include their own “footer” content sections.

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