Missing hashtag social media posts in Feeds

Chances are, you will see a greater number of hashtag posts listed on the Instagram or Twitter platforms than in the Feeds module.

If you're running a hashtag campaign, please be aware that Feeds will probably not be able to obtain all of the posts that use your hashtag. There are several reasons why, but these all come down to what is made available via the API of each social network.

Feeds can't obtain a hashtag post if:

  • There is any sort of privacy setting enabled for the poster's account.

  • The post hasn't been "indexed" by the social network for that hashtag.

  • The social network has prevented API access to a post for another reason beyond our control and knowledge.

  • The posts are from before you created your Feeds ID or added the hashtag source, which is because of limitations by the social networks.

  • Your hashtag source has posts made from an existing account source. For example, if the @Your School Instagram account source makes a post using the #Graduation2022 hashtag source, you will not receive two copies of the post. Only the version of the post for the @YourSchool account source will pull into Feeds. The second version for the #Graduation2022 hashtag source will be flagged as a duplicate.

Additionally, Instagram only allows us to import hashtag posts from the last 24 hours. This is a technical limitation resulting from changes with the Instagram API.

Due to these factors, you will likely see a discrepancy between what's listed on the network itself and what appears in the Feeds module.


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