Feeds element troubleshooting

I'm not seeing the latest posts from one or more sources in a Feeds element.

  • If the source is from Facebook and Instagram, see that section below.

  • If you have moderation turned on, then the posts may be awaiting approval in the Feeds moderation console. See the "Moderated Posts" section of our article Moderating and filtering posts.

  • Make sure your Feeds element is set to show the desired sources.

  • Make sure you've posted recently on that social platform. The Feeds element will show the most recent posts at the top, so posts from several weeks ago will appear further down in the results. This can be important to consider when you set a Feeds element to show say Twitter and Facebook. If you frequently post to Facebook, but rarely to Twitter, then you won't see Twitter posts until further down in the posts.

  • Feeds packages have different refresh intervals, so it's possible your package has not refreshed since you made the post on the social media platform.

My existing Facebook or Instagram source has not updated in several months.

Open the Feeds module and go to the "Connected Accounts" screen via the link at the top of the window. Facebook and Instagram require connections for the various accounts before they can be added as sources or continue working as sources in Feeds. The connections last for two months at a time and then must be reconnected, with the connection being a requirement by Meta. Please see our articles below for connecting and refreshing expired connections on Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook - Connecting a Facebook account in the Feeds module
Instagram - Connecting an Instagram account in the Feeds module

Twitter posts look different from other social media posts.

Twitter styling for their posts will be slightly different than other social media posts. This is due to Twitter's design specifications, and we must comply with their requests. Twitter posts also open directly on Twitter rather than opening in the light box popup window, as other Feeds posts do.

Individual Facebook posts are missing or not showing all of the content.

Make sure that post is publicly viewable in the Facebook account settings and does not have any geolocation or age restrictions set on who can view it.

My Facebook source has a question mark in place of the avatar photo.

https://www.facebook.com/help/778445532225441 - Try turning off age and country restrictions on your Facebook page.

I want to remove or delete a social post that is showing in the Feeds element.

You can delete individual posts in the Feeds moderation console, which is in the modules menu of Composer. Open the Feeds module and hover over the post you want to delete. Click the red "Delete" button, and the post should be removed from your Feeds dashboard. That post is moved to the moderation screen, incase you change your mind and decide you want to send it back to the live feed. You can permanently delete it for good in the moderation section.

Go back to the page with the Feeds element and refresh the page. The post should no longer show in that Feeds element, although it may take several minutes to be completely removed.


I deleted a post on my social media page, but the post is still showing in Feeds.

A post that has already been synced into the Feeds module can not be automatically deleted when you also delete it on the social platform. You must manually delete the post in Feeds. Open the Feeds module and hover over the post you want to delete. Click the red "Delete" button, and the post should disappear.

My question isn't covered by the above topics.

Please submit a ticket to our Support team with the question or issue, and we will investigate.


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