Constituent Manager admin permissions

In this article, we’ll describe the process for granting admin permissions within Constituent Manager.

Unlike these other modules, Constituent Manager doesn’t have an “admin” level that grants blanket permissions for everything in the module. Because this module deals with personal data, granular permissions are required for security. For each group with Constituent Manager permissions, go to Settings > Constituent Roles and assign permissions by role.

Click on the role you’re assigning permissions for, then click on the Rights tab. There are two tabs for permissions: one for groups, and one for individuals. On the Group Permissions tab, click the “add admin groups” link to select from admin groups with “Constituent Manager” rights in Admin Users. On the User Permissions tab, click “add admin users,” select an admin group, then choose from a list of users in that group.

For both tabs, click into the columns to add a green checkmark underneath the rights you want to grant to the user or group for the selected role.

  •  View Role: This permission grants users the ability to view members of the role within Constituent Manager and edit their profiles, but not see the role in Constituent Manager Settings.

  • Edit Role: This right allows users to edit the configuration of the role in the Constituent Manager Settings section.

  • Edit Membership: Users will be able to add new constituents to the directory with this role and remove the role from existing constituents’ profiles. 

Click “Save Changes” to confirm the changes.

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