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A recent software update implemented a change to the text editor that restricts content to 75,000 characters. If you exceed this limit, a warning message will appear and the content cannot be saved.

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Note: This character limit includes both visible characters and unseen HTML characters. If you are encountering the message that you have exceeded the character limit, it is more likely that the invisible characters are causing it. 

Break up content

Invisible HTML characters may come from formatting carried over from word processors or improperly inserting links or images into the editor. To view these characters, click on the "Source" button at the far left of the content editor. Even if you don't read HTML, you may still be able to tell when there is far more code than content in your source code.

If you do have the equivalent of approximately 7 printed pages of text in a single element, we recommend breaking up that content using tabs or accordions, or multiple posts, to improve readability as well as comply with the character limit.

Upload images before inserting

The most frequent perpetrators of excessive characters in the editor are called base64 images. This is a type of encoded image that causes performance issues and other problems on your site, and the new character limit is designed to prevent them from being inserted into the editor.

To ensure you are not inadvertently pasting base64 images into the editor, always upload your images to Resources or File Manager first, then use the button in the editor to insert it into your content.

Clear formatting before pasting

Another common cause of unnecessary HTML characters is formatting pasted in from a word processor, such as Google Docs or Microsoft Word. These programs are unconcerned with how many characters are used to create a particular style, and you often find a lot of junk code comes over with the content you intended to paste.

Always paste your content into a plain-text editor first, or use the keyboard shortcut control (or command) + shift + V to paste as plain text. Then, use the tools in the editor to style and format the content as desired.

Confirm validity of links before pasting

Finally, take care when copying and pasting URLs from certain sources. If your link is coming from an email newsletter, for example, the link may not be what you think it is. The message may be using a large number of underwater characters to properly transfer the recipient from the email program to the browser, as well as track clicks on that link to report back to the sender. To prevent these types of links from entering your content editor, visit the link first and then copy the URL from the browser window.

If you have followed all these practices and the characters in the editor still exceed 75,000, please contact Finalsite Support for assistance determining the cause of the issue. 

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