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Users can access Posts content from places other than the website, such as email newsletters. You can control where on the website those users land when they click a link from an external source.

Most of the time, where Posts content opens will be determined by the settings of the Composer Post element the post is displayed in. This isn’t always the case, however, such as when posts are included in eNotify emails. To cover this scenario, you’ll need to have a default post page for each board. Having a default page also makes it possible to preview posts, as well as link to individual posts. Linking posts to a page is a good SEO practice.

You can designate any page on your site as a default post page as long as it has a "Single"-format Posts element on it. To create a default Post page:

  1. Create a new page in Composer.

  2. Add a "Post" element from the Module section of the element library.

  3. Select the settings gear icon on the Post element and choose the "Single" format. 


  4. Under "Content Filters," select any boards that you want to be able to display in the element. Edit any other settings as desired.
  5. Under "Formatting" select "Override Page Title and SEO Metadata." This will replace the page title with the post title. (Make sure the page title is toggled on.)
  6. Save the element.

  7. Publish the page.

Note: You probably don’t want to display this page in the navigation, so you’ll want to select  the "Hide this Page from Navigation" checkbox in the Page Settings for that page.

Once your Post page is complete, you can set it as the default Post page on an individual board.

  1. Navigate to the Board in Posts.

  2. Hover over the Board in the menu, click on the three-dot Action Menu, and click on "Settings."


  3. Choose the page in the window that pops up, next to "Default Board Post Page."


Once this page is set, you’ll see the blue "preview" icon on the New Post screen when you’re writing a post, and you can click it to see what the post will look like live on the site. You can also obtain the full URL from the "Slug" section of the New Post screen. Click on the link icon to see and copy the full URL, and click on the pencil icon to return to edit mode.

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