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Sometimes schools need to warn a visitor before they navigate outside of the school website. This article will show you how to set up an external link disclaimer alert that will display on a page before the user is directed outside of the website. The user will click on the renamed [Read more link] which activates the display of the disclaimer pop-up with a button to click to be directed to the external link.

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You will need access to:

Step 1: Choose a board

You may want to make a new board so that these posts don't appear by accident in other Post Elements. 

Step 2: Create a post

  • Title: This can be anything you want. For this example we will use External redirect text.
  • Body: Add your disclaimer text that is generic enough so you can use it on any page on your site. Underneath your text, add a button that will link to the page you wish users to click on. 
  • Start Date: Set a start date for the post, but do not set any other dates.
  • Summary: This is the content you want displayed on the actual webpage.
  • Publish your post now.

This process may feel opposite to usual post creation, but hang tight!

post screenshot for external redirect text.png

Step 2: Configure your Composer page

  • Navigate to your chosen Composer page. 
  • Open the Element Library and add a Post Element onto the page.
  • You may want to change the format from the default List format to the Single format, depending on how much space you're wanting the actual post to appear on the page. 
  • Click on the settings gear to configure your Post Element settings.
    • Content Filters: Connect the Board where you created your External redirect text post.
    • Content Details:
      • Check the boxes next to:
        • Summary
        • Thumbnail
        • Link titles to post details
        • [Read More] link: Change the text in the  section to something that can help the visitor know where they are clicking to (e.g. "Visit the School Store" or "Direct me to the") 

post element settings to check.png

    • Pop-up Details: Only the Post Body will display in the pop-up, with the button you placed inside of the Body.  
      • Check the box next to:
        • Body 

Step 3: Publish your page

Now, once you publish your Composer page, you will then be able to Preview the way it will behave when clicked, allowing you to go back and make any adjustments as needed. Remember, the page will not appear to anyone until you share the page. You can always Hide your Page until you're satisfied with how it works!. 

Step 4: Preview in live view

Click on the eyeball icon in the bottom right corner of your Composer page to test this out and make sure it is displaying how you'd hoped. See "Preview your page in multiple ways" for more info on how to preview a page. 

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