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Need to find that post about the 2018 Quidditch Tournament? No problem!

In the dashboard or board view, you can filter by post status on the left. The default view lists all unscheduled posts first, followed by all other posts ordered by the publish/scheduled date, most recent first. Select the desired checkboxes to see only Expired, Published, Scheduled, or Unscheduled posts. 

Status filter checkboxes

You can also search all posts by keyword and tag(s).

As you enter a search term in the search field, any tags that match will be listed with a blue "tag" label. Select the tag to add it to your search parameters. Then, you can use the search field again to find a keyword within posts that have the selected tag, or add other tags to your search. 

Selected tags appear below the search field in blue. Click the "X" next to the tag to remove it. 

The search also works in conjunction with the status filter. If any filters are enabled, searching will only return posts that match the selected statuses. 

animation showing search by tag and link to board view

When searching from the dashboard, navigate directly to the board view by selecting the board name on the right.


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