Customize constituent profile data

Beyond simply showing or hiding individual groups or data fields on a directory page, it is possible to set up a Constituent Directory so that it shows different pieces of information to users based on the user's role.

Each constituent role can be set to display a different amount of information within a directory profile. Furthermore, the information that is visible on a Directory can be constrained by the role of the user who is viewing the page.

Note: If a constituent is a member of more than one role, the role with the more permissive Directory display settings will take precedence.

Update field properties

To ensure a particular field from a constituent's profile appears or does not appear on a Directory page:

  1. Open Constituent Manager and click on "Settings," then "Constituent Roles," then select the constituent role you want to update.


  2. Click on the "Profile Fields" tab.

  3. On the right side of Constituent Manager, you will see all of the profile fields that can be configured for the role you selected. Fields that are enabled for this role are displayed in white; fields in yellow are unused for this role, but can be added if desired.

  4. Select an active (white) field and click the pencil icon on the right side.


In the Field Properties window, you can set whether this specific field will display in a Directory at all, and (when it does) which constituent roles will see it. The various fields may also have some additional properties that you can adjust.

  • Field Name: This specifies the label for this field in the database. This cannot be changed.

  • Display Name: This is the label that site visitors see when looking at on a Directory page. This can only be changed by using the Override Display field.

  • Override Display: If you need to add a field to a profile and cannot use one of the preconfigured (yellow) fields in Constituent Manager, you can select an unused field and use the Override Display to alter the label. Whatever is entered into the Override Display field will become the label for this data when a profile is viewed in a Directory.

    Note: If this information is ever updated in bulk via a datasheet upload, the datasheet column for this field will need to use the actual Field Name as its header, not the Override Display name.

  • Enable updates to this profile field by group constituents: Select this checkbox to allow users to update this data themselves on the website.

  • Allow this profile field to be hidden or shown by group constituents: Select this checkbox to allow users to set their own preference for this field’s visibility.

  • Select the following groups for which this profile field will be visible: This option determines the default privacy for the profile field, with options "Everyone (including public site users)," "No one (only admins)," and "These constituent roles." Selecting "These constituent roles" will reveal a list of roles that you can select.

    Note: Some profile fields are grouped, and in these cases the privacy settings are labeled "Public" and "Private." "Private" includes the list of constituent roles to choose from, and leaving all the checkboxes unselected is the equivalent of "No one."

Be sure to click the green "Update Properties" button when finished to save your changes.

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