Setting up a Post-Submission Redirect

The Notifications & Redirects tab of a form in Forms Manager allows you to manage what happens after a user has submitted their form. This includes the email notification they receive, and what page they land on.

For information on the email portion of this, please see Enabling Email Notifications.

Redirect Pages

The first setting in the Respondent Confirmation section, Redirect Page, controls what happens when they complete their submission.

  • Display a message: The form page will reload, displaying the message defined in the editor box at the top of the page, above the form. If duplicate submissions are enabled (in the Build & Edit tab), the form will display again below this message. If this option is chosen, there are additional options that you can set to display: the total number of submissions, graphs of any selection fields, and a copy of their form results.
  • Redirect to a Site Page: After submission, the user will be brought to the specified page on your site.
  • Redirect to URL: Similar to the previous option, except you can define a custom URL to send them to, not just a page on your site.

Best Practice: Use the Redirect to Site Page option to bring the user to a separate "Thank you" page, so that they do not see the form again after submission. To do this:

  1. In Composer, create a subpage under your page with the form.
  2. In the page settings, hide this page from the navigation, so that other users not using the form will not be able to access it.
  3. Add content to the new page thanking the user for their submission.
  4. Set the form to Redirect to Site Page, and choose the newly created Thank You page.


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