Clone a page

  1. In the left-hand page list of Composer, select the More Actions button to the right of the page you want to clone.


  2. OR while on the desired page, select the More Actions button from the right side of the bottom toolbar.


  3. Select the option "Clone Page."

  4. Edit the page name, URL, and/or parent page for the cloned page.

  5. Select "Clone."


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  • That is great, but if I like to use the clone as my actual site on my website how can I take the word clone off. I was hoping if I publish the page it would automatically go.....

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  • Hi Gerda,
    Great question! After you clone the page, you can remove the word "clone" from the page name and the URL in the Page Settings, as long as they're both different from the original page. (Or you can move one of the pages to a different parent and then make the change.) Now, if you're trying to clone and replace the homepage, that's a bit more complicated, and I recommend submitting a Support ticket so they can assist. I hope that helps!

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