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Not all site pages need to be visible in navigation menus, and sometimes you don’t even want users to be able to search for them. In such cases, it’s possible to hide a page from navigation and/or search.

Hide from navigation

In order to hide a page from navigation, click on the pink gear icon to bring up that page’s Page Settings. On the General tab, enable the checkbox labeled “Hide from navigation elements.”

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Once published, the page will no longer appear in navigation menus or navigation elements and will only be accessible via the direct link or search.

Hide from internal site search

To prevent a page from being accessed via the search tool on your site, enable the checkbox labeled “Hide from internal site search.”

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Hide from external search engines

To prevent a page from being found by external search engines, enable the “Hide from external search engines” checkbox.

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Note: This setting is dependent on the robots from Google and other search engines crawling your site, so it’s best to enable this setting as soon as you create the page - before Google has a chance to crawl it. If the page has already been included in the search index, you’ll have to wait for the next time robots crawl your site for the change to take effect.

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