Set admin permissions for editing specific pages

Before focusing specifically on Composer permissions, it's important to understand how all permissions work at Finalsite. Before you begin, check out the article, "The Finalsite Guide to Permissions" for a big picture understanding. Then, follow the steps in this article to set Page Level permissions in Composer.

Step 1: Confirm Admin user group membership:

Composer permissions are based on the editor's admin user group. Admin users can only be in one admin user group at a time, and the group they belong to will determine what that user can do on a particular page in Composer (see Move an admin to a different admin group for more about admin users and groups).

Step 2: Set Global Level Composer permissions

Each admin user group has a default level of permissions assigned on the Permissions tab of Composer. For more information about global permissions, refer to the Global Level permissions tab in the article, Composer permissions.

Step 3: Set Granular / Page Level Composer permissions

In addition, each individual page in Composer has its own permissions settings, which we call "Page Level permissions". To navigate to the Page Level Permissions, click on the settings gear icon in the lower right of any page, and then select Permissions on the pop-up window. The Permissions tab displays a row for each admin user group that's been created on your site. Each group can be assigned a permission level using its corresponding dropdown menu.

Each permission level builds on the last. The rights attached to each level are explained in the article, Composer permissions.


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