Exporting a list of users who have never logged into the site

You can view a list of constituents who have not logged in by using the "Credential Reports" tool in Constituent Manager.

  1. Click the "Settings" button at the upper left of Constituent Manager:


  2. Click the "Credential Reports" button:


  3. Use the controls to select which constituents you want to display:

    Select Role - Use the dropdown menu to select a role. You can only export results from one role at a time.
    Show Users With: these checkboxes determine which users the report will include, depending on whether they meet the selected criteria.
    Other Options: Use this checkbox to display 'dummy' constituent accounts with common placeholder names that do not actually correspond with individual people.

  4. Click "Apply Filters" to generate a table of the constituents with the selected attributes.


  5. Use the "Export Current table" to generate an .XLS file including these results, which you can download and open in Excel or another spreadsheet application. 
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