Exporting user data by role membership

You can export profile information on members of a selected role from Constituent Manager. The export process can either display all information, or can filter and highlight the returned profiles to only showcase what's been changed since a specified date.

To create a new export

  1. Open Constituent Manager (found in the "People" menu in the Composer left nav bar).

  2. Click on the Settings button at the upper left.


  3. Click on "Export Data."


  4. Select the role whose profiles you want to export (e.g. "Faculty and Staff," "Parent," etc.) in the "Export" dropdown. (The roles listed in this dropdown will be whatever roles have been configured in Constituent Manager.)


  5. OPTIONAL: Set a date in the "Updated Since" field, using the format MM/DD/YYYY.

    Note: If you set a date in this field, the export will only include profiles which have been updated on or after that date. Any profiles which have not been edited since that time will be excluded. Further, the specific fields in each row that had been edited on/after the specified date will be highlighted in yellow. The export will show the current information from each profile; the previous values for each edited field cannot be displayed.

    If you do not set a date in the "Updated Since" field, the export will return all profiles in the selected role, and no fields will be highlighted.

  6. Click the "Compile Export" button. After a brief "Loading" animation, the profiles specified by the export parameters will appear in a table below the selection controls.


After generating an export, you can click "Profile view" to display the same data as a compact list of profiles, rather than a wide spreadsheet.

Note: "Profile View" is only available when you enter a date in the "Updated Since" field.

The "Export to Excel" link will create a .xls file containing the exported data and download it in your browser, so that you can view the data in MS Excel or another spreadsheet application.


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