Embedding content on site pages

You can 'insert' content from another website onto your own site pages using the "Embed" tag.

Note: the iFrame source MUST use the https:// protocol when linking to another domain (as opposed to the non-secure http:// protocol). See the Knowledge Base article Preparing for the HTTPS Conversion for more information.

  1. Navigate to the page where you want to embed something.

  2. Add an "Embed" element to the page.


  3. Click on the Settings button to edit the Embed element.


  4. In the element settings, you're going to build an iFrame tag. Copy and paste this code into the Embed element settings field.

    <iframe src="https://www.yourURLhere.com" width="600px" height="1200px"></iframe>


  5. Replace https://www.yourURLhere.com with the address of the content you want to embed (no quotes!), and adjust the width and height declarations to your liking (note that this page may look weird on mobile devices if you hard-code the size declarations like this).

  6. Save the Embed element.

  7. Save & publish the page.

  8. Test the page on various devices/browsers to make sure it's displaying correctly to end users.

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