Password protect a site page

Composer pages can be password-protected so that they are only available to users who have the password. You can also set a Composer page to only appear to members of specific roles or groups (when they're logged into the site).

Setting Page Passwords

  1. Navigate to the page you want to password-protect.
  2. Click the pink 'gear' icon to bring up the Page Settings window:


  3. Select the "Access Control" tab:


  4. Type a password into the "Passkey Phrase" field, and click Save:


  5. Publish the Page.

Users will have to provide the passkey you entered in order to access the page:


Restricting Page Visibility to members of Groups or Roles

  1. Follow steps 1-3 above to open up the "Access Control" tab of the Page Settings window.
  2. Select the "Constituents Only" radio button:


  3. Click "Select Groups."
  4. Use the "Roles" section to select a role or roles. Underneath the Roles, all of the groups from Group Manager are displayed. Use the checkboxes to select which roles or groups will be able to see this page:


Note that this feature uses "OR" logic, so if you select more than one group here, a constituent would only have to belong to one of them in order to view the page (they do not have to belong to ALL groups selected.)

Anybody who is not a member of at least one of the selected groups will not see the page on the site or in the site navigation. Further, even members of the selected groups/roles must be logged into the website in order to see group- or role-limited pages; if they're not logged in, they will not see the page.

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