Submit sitemap to Google Search Console

Google Search Console provides detailed information and allows site admins to control how their site is presented in Google search results.

One of the ways this is done by submitting a "sitemap" to the Search Console. The sitemap is an XML file that's generated by Composer. It provides Google with a detailed breakdown of all of the public pages on your site that you want to be indexed by Google, as well as how they relate to one another (that is, which pages are children of other pages, which ones are main section pages, etc.).

  1. Access Google Search Console at

  2. Log in using the credentials associated with your Google Analytics account.

    • If you have not already verified your domain through Google, please start on this article: Configuring Google Search Console. You can jump to #4 on this article after verifying your domain.
  3. Once you are logged in, click the main menu and use the dropdown arrow to select your website as the Property. If you have many sites, use the search instead. If the site has not already been added, click on Add property and follow the instructions detailed in the article: Configuring Google Search Console.

    google search console main menu .png

  4. From the property overview screen, click on Sitemaps in the left-hand navigation.

    sitemaps in the left navigation.png

  5. In the provided Add a new sitemap field, enter fs/pages/sitemap.xml then click Submit.

    add a new sitemap field.png

    Note: Should the Status come back as "Couldn't fetch," we recommend letting it sit overnight. The following day, click on the “Couldn’t fetch” message and it should provide you a "successful” status message. Google re-checks periodically for the first few hours to see if it’s available. If a day has elapsed and the status is still “Couldn’t fetch” please let your Implementation Consultant or our Support team know.

    couldn't fetch status.png

  6. More from Google Help is available from Google Support.


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