Getting Started with Posts 9: Remove posts from display

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It’s easy enough to delete a post, by using the trashcan icon on the post list or the bottom toolbar of the post itself. If you only want to remove a post from view on certain elements, or remove a post from displaying but keep its contents, Posts offers ways to do that as well.

Non-featured posts

In the date settings for each post, the second field is “Featured Until.” By entering a date in this field, you can set a certain amount of time that a post has that featured status. In the Composer Post element, there is a setting under Content Filters to display “Only Featured,” “Only Non-Featured,” or “All” posts. Leverage these settings to display current posts in some places and less current ones in others.

Expired posts

The third field in the date settings, “Expire,” allows you to set a date on which to remove a post from the front end of the site entirely. These posts will be labeled with a pink stripe in Posts, and they will no longer be available to view in any Composer Post element. If you want to return the post to the site, you can simply delete the Expire date from the post. This can be handy for time-sensitive content that may repeat, such as back-to-school information.

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