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Accessing Finalsite Help

After logging in to the back end of your site, you can find many ways to get the support you need. The Finalsite Help menu brings together all of the various resources to learn about Finalsite, get answers to your questions, share ideas, and contact Support for any help you might need.

Clicking on the help icon in the bottom left corner to open the Finalsite Help menu.

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Here you'll find: 

Product Updates:
Read our software release blog to get excited and keep learning! Stay up to date on all the latest software releases and bug fixes. A number indicator will appear when a new update has been posted so you'll never miss out!
Support & Training 

Submit a Request will open the ticket-entry window (if you have permission to create tickets). Tickets are the primary way to communicate with Finalsite Support about any issues you might have with your site. If you don't have ticketing rights, you will see the option to Contact a Site Administrator.

The Knowledge Base provides 24/7 access to hundreds of help articles easily searchable for instant support.

Finalsite Training will immediately direct you to our Training Portal, which you can also access in the top right corner of your dashboard by clicking the Training button. Finalsite Training presents content developed to get new users up and running and introduce you to modules you aren't familiar with yet. With interactive pages, searchable videos, practical exercises, and graded knowledge checks, Finalsite Training is a valuable tool for learning about your Composer website, its modules, and more.

Note: you can access this content directly from your website! There's no need to create another account and log in. Once you log in to your CMS, you will immediately be redirected and logged in to the Training Portal when clicking from the Dashboard.

What's New directs you to a page where you can learn about what's next on the roadmap. Get excited, anticipate, and celebrate all of the features that are in the works to be delivered to you.

View Status Page is a great page to subscribe to so that you can monitor your site's performance and stay informed of any posted incidents. Learn more about how to read status updates in the article Checking the status of your site. We strongly suggest that you subscribe to alerts so that you receive a text message or an email as soon as our status page is updated. 

Share an Idea
Tell us an idea, suggest an improvement, or request a feature. This portal is a way to connect our developers and Product Managers with our clients, so that we can get first-hand information from you about how the software is used and what features would make it even more effective. Browse other user's ideas and vote to show your interest in their suggestion. Any idea you've submitted or voted on will appear in My Priorities so you'll always have an update on its status. 

Submitting a request to support

Once your site is live, you may Submit a Request to support or manage your tickets either in the Finalsite Help menu in the bottom left corner or by clicking either of these buttons in your Dashboard:

submit a request and manage tickets.png

Request best practices:

Note: If you are still in deployment and your site is not yet live, go directly to your IC (Implementation Consultant) or PM (Project Manager) instead of submitting requests to the support team. 

  • Before submitting a request or emailing, check with your school or district's main site admin to ensure that you should have ticketing rights and the ability to submit a request.
  • Once your site is live, ensure that you are logged in to your LIVE DOMAIN and discontinue use of your DEPLOYMENT DOMAIN. 
    • LIVE DOMAIN = 
  • The more detail you can provide us the better! The quicker we can replicate your issue, the quicker we can get started on a solution.
  • Demonstrate your issue with a video or a screenshot. One product we love is called Jing. This product allows you to create videos and upload them to their storage cloud for quick sharing of links to videos. 
  • If for any reason you are unable to log in to the support portal, email your support ticket to but only if you have ticketing rights and your site is live.
  • Remember that, although we try to answer support tickets as quickly as possible, response times may vary depending on ticket volume.

Finding your Customer ID

If you have on-demand phone support, we will ask for your Customer ID the first time you call. You can find the Customer ID by logging into the Support Portal and looking in the top menu bar: 
find customer ID.png

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