Introduction to Finalsite Support


Accessing the Support Portal

You can access the support portal after logging into the back end of your site. You can click "Support" from the top menu bar of your dashboard as soon as you log in. You can also select the "Support" icon from the main navigation once you are in Composer.

The Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base is a public collection of articles available for you to browse or search. This is best used to answer those quick "How to" type questions. Since the Knowledge Base is public, feel free to quickly send links for articles to your colleagues to help them, too! 

Training Videos and Resources

Our training videos are accessed via our Support Menu by selecting "Finalsite Training." This will take you into our training platform where you can explore different modules and walk throughs via the "Software Guides" section. 

Submitting Support Tickets 

Submitting tickets is quick and easy by selecting the "Submit a Ticket" option from the Support Menu or "Submit a Request" from within the Support Portal. This will take you to a form where you can let us know about your questions or concerns. The more detail you can provide us the better! The quicker we can replicate your issue, the quicker we can get started on a solution.

If you feel like your question could be better demonstrated by a video or a screenshot, there are a few free products that you can use to do this. One product we love is called Jing. This product allows you to create videos and upload them to their storage cloud for quick sharing of links to videos. 

If for any reason you are unable to reach the support portal, you can always email your support ticket to

Although we try to answer support tickets as quickly as possible, response times may vary depending on ticket volume.

Finding your CustomerID

If you have on-demand phone support, we will ask for your CustomerID the first time you call. You can find the customerID by logging into the Support Portal and looking at the upper right hand corner to view the number.

Status Page

Our status page is the quickest way to find out information about known issues going on with your site. It is the first place you should go if your site seems to be down or not functioning properly. The username and password may be different than the admin side of your site. 

If you need to sign-up for the status page you can follow the directions in our article Checking the Status of Your Site. We strongly suggest that you subscribe to alerts so that you receive a text message or an email as soon as our status page is updated. 

Providing Feedback

We love hearing from you! One of the best places to provide feature suggestions is via our Finalsite Ideas platform. Our Product Managers keep an eye on the posts there and are able to consider these feature suggestions during major updates of our product. Additionally, you can connect with other Finalsite clients on our Ask the Community platform.

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