Use Role/Group Display to control post visibility

If you want to create posts targeted toward a specific group of users, that’s possible with the Role/Group Display option located on the editing screen of each post.


To apply this option, click “Select Groups” and choose the applicable group (or groups).

Posts that use the Role/Group Display will be filtered out of the Composer Post element for users who are not part of that particular role or group. If a Post element set to display these posts is located on a public page, users who are not logged in will still see all posts. Therefore, it’s best to use this feature for posts that will appear on an access-controlled page (that is, a page that users can’t get to except by logging in first).

For example, suppose you have a board with eight posts. Five of those posts have not used the Role/Group Display option. Two posts have used the Role/Group Display option to filter the posts for “students” only. One post has the Role/Group Display option set to “faculty.”


Three different Composer Post elements are set to display this board: one on a public page, one on a faculty portal page, and one on a student portal page. On the public page, public users can see all eight posts.


On the faculty page, faculty can see six posts.


On the student page, students can see seven posts.


This feature is controlled on a post-by-post basis, but to avoid confusion it’s a best practice to designate a specific board for targeted posts, such as an “Announcements” board.

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