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There are two different methods of creating a scenario where one page can serve as a sort of jump to another page: Redirects Manager and Linked Pages. This article serves as a way to learn best practices for each since there are similarities and differences in function and usage.

Note: If vanity URLs exist in both Redirects Manager and Linked Pages, those existing in Linked Pages will override those in Redirects Manager. This often results in an error directing to the wrong page when in both places.

Redirects Manager best practices:

  • Best choice for the most efficient management of vanity URLs. 
  • Provides have the option for wildcard matching.
  • Best place for pages from a previous site that users may have bookmarked, to be sure that they are "redirected" to the new, corresponding page on your new site. 
  • Used to create a URL slug that consists of only numbers (i.e. /2023). Linked Pages don't allow numeric slugs.
  • Strategize your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services here. 
    • 301 (Permanent): These redirects best preserve site analytics tracking information when users click on them. In most cases, a Permanent redirect is more effective than a temporary one.
    • 302 (Temporary): Temporary redirects do not preserve site analytics. In fact, different search engines handle 302 requests differently, so using them can add a great deal of uncertainty to analytics results. 

Linked Pages best practices:

  • Used to take users from a page within Finalsite to either:
    • another page on the same site,
    • another site, or
    • content being reused from another page. (See Linked page types.)
  • Behave more like a shortcut to a page that is being housed elsewhere in a more logical spot in your page navigation. 

Warning: it is not a best practice to create vanity URLs through the use of Linked Pages because the search and management process is more efficient in the Redirects Manager module. 

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