The Accessibility Checker

Using the Accessibility Checker

The accessibility checker is a tool built into the editor that looks for common accessibility issues on site pages.

You can access the accessibility checker by opening any existing page content element (or adding a new page content element) and clicking the accessibility checker icon:


The accessibility checker appears to the right of the content in the element:


In this case, the checker has alerted to two issues:


Both are in regard to missing alt text on the image in the content element. Adding alt text will correct both issues.

The accessibility checker offers a "Quick Fix" button. To use it, type the desired alt text into the "Alternative text" field, and click the green button.


The accessibility checker will apply the alt text. With that text applied, both issues the checker originally caught are resolved, and a completion alert appears at the top of the page:


Reviewing Content for Accessibility

The accessibility checker may not catch every ADA-related issue on a page, but it's especially helpful for zeroing in on the most noticeable items to correct when conducting an accessibility review before publishing content. Finalsite has put together an Accessibility Quick Reference Guide to help you review content for common accessibility-related items to note.

The accessibility checker will reliably catch issues related to:

  • Descriptive link text (i.e., links with text like "click here" rather than text that describes the linked content)
  • Misuse of headings (page headings not in descending order)
  • Missing headers on tables
  • Using bold text (instead of a heading) to denote content structure
  • Misusing ordered lists
  • Missing alt text on non-decorative images


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